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Just got back from a girlfriends-get-a-way, shop-a-thon, in Buffalo, New York.  Not only was it lots of fun, it proved to be very educational.  Nestled in the historic Parkside neighbourhood (gorgeous area), we visited the Darwin Martin House by Frank Lloyd Wright, constructed between 1904-05.  This organic, architectural structure was specifically designed to blend, respect and embrace its environment.  Wright’s “prairie house”  promoted an open plan concept which was a drastic change from the Victorian compact and compartmentalized living conditions of the time.  The interior was richly (although a little masculine for my taste) decorated with warm woods, exquisitely stained glass windows, sturdy furniture, interesting fabrics and unique light fixtures.  Much of his designs embraced nature in the  form of  trees, flowers and leaves.

I am truly amazed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Not only was he a brilliant architect of his time, he also visualized a home as a complete package.  He did not stop at designing the entire structure of the home from the outside in, he also took it upon himself to design the interior contents.  Not just an architect (and author of 20 books) he designed furniture, fabrics, silver pieces, dinnerware and lamps.   It is “said” he also designed a dress for Mrs Martin….. what a fascinating man!

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